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...a detailed and dramatic depiction, rich in context, of the price a small community paid for seeking equality. It demonstrates the resilience of those who fought segregation while never downplaying how much was lost, and it provides evidence of ways the damage continues to have an impact today. A sobering study of the struggle for educational equity. Kirkus Reviews10/11/22

This revelatory and gripping nonfiction middle grade book explores a deeply troubling chapter in American history that is still playing out today: the strange case of Prince Edward County, Virginia, the only place in the United States to ever formally deny its citizens a public education, and the students who pushed back. Lydia Wallace, Goodreads Jul 26, 2022


...offers a compelling introduction to the Watergate scandal and the constitutional crisis it created...This rousing, accessible historical narrative offers opportune cautionary lessons about voting, civic involvement, and the importance of a free press. Publishers Weekly, 11/05/20

...clear, concise, and riveting...every student in the country would benefit from reading this book. School Library Connection, 11-12/20

...An indisputably timely account of the last time an American president thought the Constitution didn’t apply to him. Smooth, clear writing makes this an appealing and accessible read. A cautionary episode from a half-century ago that ends up sounding eerily relevant. Kirkus Reviews, 8/15/20

A skillful and meticulous telling of the Watergate drama. Steve Sheinkin


This engaging book begins on Franklin D. Roosevelt’s inauguration day, backtracks to introduce the Great Depression and FDR’s personal story, then focuses on a forward-thinking New Deal program called the Civilian Conservation Corps...A well-researched, informative introduction to a topic seldom discussed in books for young people. Booklist starred review

An informative, inspiring look at desperate times and how government can achieve great things through cooperation and good leadership. Kirkus Reviews

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Pearson excels at clarifying this complicated war for young readers in a style that is riveting, informative, and never watered down. While bridging world events to American life in the 1940s, she tells the WASPs' story with dignity, offering a touching, moving tribute to their extremely risky, behind-the-scenes tasks that proved vital to the war effort and an Allied victory. The author also provides a fascinating look at what sadly remained a forgotten history for far too long, creating an inspirational example for young readers to follow their paths despite the obstacles. School Library Journal

Pearson’s accessible and immediate portrait of the women aviators whose organization became known as the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) highlights the courage and tenacity that bound them together during WWII...Archival photos and sidebars supplement this often thrilling tribute to these aviation heroes. Publishers Weekly

It’s a truly inspiring read, and Pearson adeptly addresses the support and censure these fearless and dignified ladies received, and their shamefully drawn-out fight for recognition. Booklist starred review
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